Business Development & Engineering

The business interface between companies operating in China and other countries can't be more complex, and hence cause easily misunderstandings with no need. It starts how to validate contracts in China, how to seal them to be legally binding in the Chinese jurisdiction. Finally, complex payment practices are seen in China, where not seldom money is transferred, but not clearly traced back to the relevant delivery OR service provided. To avoid those and other complex matters (especially when they accumulate), it needs not only experience - also determination, seniority, negotiation skills, networks and sometimes patience. Apart from business commercials, also engineering could be complex, since drawings, GD&T, change and release management is done often differently and simultaniously, which needs extra caution and a robust & transparent process too.

HydroPower  - Distributor & Business Development

Hydropower (hydroelectricity power generation) is not just one of the oldest and deeply explored engineering disciplines, it is still leading the electricity generation globally and quite complex in the sense, that each and every project is having different on-site parameters and conditions to deal with. Over time hydropower projects became larger and larger, and smaller equipment solutions have seen demand losses, that much expertise and practical skills got lost and forgotten over time. Today, huge MNC, like General Electric (GE), Voith, Andritz are the suppliers for giant hydropower installations globally, and just a few companies remained to engineer and deliver smaller turbine equipment systems in the range of micro-hydropower (often referred to below 500 kW and smaller). There is also a niche between the micro- and small-hydropower solutions closing the gap up to 20,000 kW (20 MW). We provide solutions for the full range from small as 10 kW hydropower turbine systems (Turbine, Generator, Governor, Control Cabinet, Auxiliaries) up to full project supply for 20 MW projects globally through Chinese formal partnerships with 30+ years experience in hydropower.

Export of Special Purpose Demands

Different industrial clients and partners were asking for special purpose sourcing with very unique applications and own unique sellings points (USP) - sometimes with complex technology, which needs to be understood for the establishment of the supply. We are open to such requests and happy to support our clients in such special demand segments.

Coming from the engineering side, makes review and feasibilty study more easy and secures the expected manufacturing and forwarding into the different global markets - often DDP with agreement on landed costs. Therefore we work closely with global logistic companies in order to secure best possible price levels. We hold the required export license needed in China. It is a relatively complex matter, why many Chinese factories and manufacturers hold no export license and operate as manufacturer only.